Digital Deltas
Recovering the History of the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta

The Digital Deltas Project is a collaborative project to generate and embed digital history expertise at Pacific to benefit our students, our faculty, and our community. The project seeks to make the diverse communities of the region, including Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Sikh, Hispanic, and African American, partners in the creation of the Digital Deltas website by contributing their own historical perspectives, experiences and artifacts.  In collaboration with these partners and various archives and museums in the region, Digital Deltas brings together the many histories of the Delta and narrates the past of this complex agricultural and urban, multicultural region at the heart of California’s largest and most important watershed area.

The site is a pedagogical tool to enhance students’ audience-centered writing and to connect them to the community. Students participate through a course-embedded experiential learning component designing and publishing their research on the history of the Delta region, including Stockton, San Francisco and Sacramento, in the virtual galleries. Explore these projects below.

Our intensive 5-week summer fellowships offer Pacific students the chance to work on innovative public history projects, work with local communities, and  learn a variety of digital software. See our featured Little Manila exhibit below.


Featured Exhibit: Little Manila Recreated

Our featured exhibit is the result of a 5-week summer fellowship. Select students from history, graphic arts, and computer science collaborated to bring the lost landscape of Stockton’s Little Manila to life through digital mapping and 3D model reconstruction. These students worked with local Filipino community institutions, like the Little Manila Foundation and the Filipino American National Historical Society, and interviewed community members to tell the story of this community in a gaming environment. Visit our site dedicated to the history of Little Manila and the Filipino community in Stockton. Explore the exhibit pages, GIS map, the interactive Neatline map, or download the interactive reconstruction of historic Little Manila.

Artists of the Delta

Writers, musicians, poets, photographers, and painters of the region contributed their visions of the Delta to the area's cultural milieu. From the early years of the Gold Rush to the end of the twentieth century, delta artists both shaped and were shaped by local culture and often introduce the nation to this diverse region. Explore the exhibits on photographers and African American musicians of region here.

Delta Communities

These exhibits explore the history of the San Joaquin-Sacramento region by recording and exhibiting the experiences of the various communities that make up the mosaic of Delta culture. Learn how different community experiences provide a complex understanding of what it means to live in the Delta.